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RICE: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition

Editor: Elaine T. Champagne, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Southern Regional Research Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

ISBN: 978-1-891127-34-2

Front Matter

Pages i-vi


Pages vii-xiii

Chapter 1: Production and Utilization of Rice

Nathan W. Childs
Pages 1-23

Chapter 2: The Rice Plant: Growth, Development, and Genetic Improvement

Anna Myers McClung
Pages 25-48

Chapter 3: Rice Varieties

K.A.K. Moldenhauer, J.H. Gibbons, and K.S. McKenzie
Pages 49-75

Chapter 4: The Rice Grain and Its Gross Composition

Elaine T. Champagne, Delilah F. Wood, Bienvenido O. Juliano, and Donald B. Bechtel
Pages 77-107

Chapter 5: Starch

Melissa Fitzgerald
Pages 109-141

Chapter 6: Rice Proteins

Frederick F. Shih
Pages 143-162

Chapter 7: Rice Lipids

J. Samuel Godber and Bienvenido O. Juliano
Pages 163-190

Chapter 8: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rice

Otto R. Kunze (Retired), Yubin Lan, and Finis T. Wratten (deceased)
Pages 191-221

Chapter 9: Rough-Rice Drying — Moisture Adsorption and Desorption

Otto R. Kunze (Retired), and David L. Calderwood (Retired)
Pages 223-268

Chapter 10: Rough-Rice Storage

Terry A. Howell Jr. and Robert R. Cogburn (Retired)
Pages 269-282

Chapter 11: Rice Milling

Norris Bond
Pages 283-300

Chapter 12: Impact of Drying, Storage, and Milling on Rice Quality and Functionality

Terry J. Siebenmorgen and Jean-Francois Meullenet
Pages 301-328

Chapter 13: Parboiling of Rice

Kshirod R. Bhattacharya
Pages 329-404

Chapter 14: Enrichment and Fortification of Rice

Diane Wright Hoffpauer
Pages 405-414

Chapter 15: Rice End-Use Quality Analysis

C.J. Bergman, K.R. Bhattacharya and K. Ohtsubo
Pages 415-472

Chapter 16: Value-Added Rice Products

Heidi C. Wilkinson and Elaine T. Champagne
Pages 473-493

Chapter 17: Preparation and Applications of Rice Flour

An-I Yeh
Pages 495-539

Chapter 18: Rice in Brewing

Kiyoshi Yoshizawa and Yutaka Ogawa
Pages 541-567

Chapter 19: Rice Bran and Oil

Frank T. Orthoefer and Jennifer Eastman
Pages 569-593

Chapter 20: Nutritional Properties of Rice and Rice Bran

Wallace Yokoyama
Pages 595-609

Chapter 21: Utilization of Rice Hull and Rice Straw as Adsorbents

Wayne E. Marshall
Pages 611-630

Back Matter

Pages 631-640