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Chapter 18: Rice in Brewing

Kiyoshi Yoshizawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan; Yutaka Ogawa, Kirin Beer Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

RICE: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition
Pages 541-567
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/1891127349.018
ISBN: 978-1-891127-34-9


Rice is widely used in the world for the production of alcoholic beverages. Rice is the main ingredient, often the sole cereal source, in such beverages as sake in Japan, shaoshin-chu in China, and miscellaneous beverages in eastern Asia. Rice is also used as an adjunct in the production of other alcoholic beverages, such as beer. Beer and sake are the most popular rice beverages and are produced in huge amounts, about 7 × 106 kL of beer and 106 kL of sake annually. The procedures for making these two beverages, and the features of rice as an ingredient, are described in this chapter.