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Student Awards

How will you set yourself apart in your new career?

AACC International understands that students are the future of cereal grain science, and is committed to investing in its student members. Students can showcase their work and receive recognition for their achievements in several ways within AACCI:

Best Student Research Paper

The AACC International Professional Development Panel hosts the 6th annual Best Student Research Paper Competition at the 2014 AACCI Annual Meeting. The objectives of the competition are to challenge students to demonstrate superior presentation skills, encourage students to present their research work at AACCI, highlight the best research conducted and presented by students, and offer an opportunity for students to interact with the AACCI community at an early stage in their career.

Product Development Competition

The AACC International Student Division’s Product Development Competition (PDC) is organized by students and sponsored by food companies who are members of AACCI. The PDC provides a great opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in school to create new food products professionally and intelligently in the real business world. The competition is designed to encourage innovative thinking of students in the cereal science area, expose students to a real-world situation, and promote the connection between academic research and industrial production. Students can work individually or in a team to develop a novel food product containing at least one major cereal/legume ingredient. Winners not only receive financial awards and industry recognition, but also have a chance to cooperate with potential food companies to launch their innovative products to food markets.

AACCI Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

The AACCI Foundation supports programs and projects of vital interest to Association members. Foundation activities are focused on investing in the future of our industry by providing scholarships and fellowships for students excelling in relevant curricula.

The undergraduate scholarship program seeks to encourage scholastically outstanding advanced undergraduate students in academic preparation for a career in grain-based food science and technology, and to attract and encourage outstanding students to enter the field of grain-based food science and technology. The purpose of the AACCI Graduate Fellowship is to advance graduate research in grain-based food science and technology.

AACCI Student Travel Awards

Students can apply for an AACCI Student Travel Award as part of the abstract submission process. Applicants must be an AACCI student member, submit an accepted abstract, register, and present a poster or oral session during the annual meeting to be eligible for a travel award.