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Gliadin and Glutenin: The Unique Balance of Wheat Quality

Editors: Colin Wrigley, Food Science Austrailia and Wheat CRC, North Ryde, NSW, Austrailia
Ferenc Békés, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, ACT Australia, and
Walter Bushuk, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

ISBN: 978-1-891127-51-9

Front Matter

Pages i-vii


Pages ix-x

Section I — Introduction

Page 1

Chapter 1: Gluten: A Balance of Gliadin and Glutenin

C.W. Wrigley, F. Békés, and W. Bushuk
Pages 3-32

Section II — Gliadin

Pages 33-34

Chapter 2: Gliadins of Common Wheat: Polymorphism and Genetics

E.V. Metakovsky, G.P. Branlard, and R.A. Graybosch
Pages 35-84

Chapter 3: Gliadin Alleles in Wheat: Identification and Applications

E.V. Metakovsky and R.A. Graybosch
Pages 85-114

Chapter 4: Some Gli Alleles Related to Common Wheat Dough Quality

G.P. Branlard and E.V. Metakovsky
Pages 115-139

Section III — Glutenin

Pages 139-140

Chapter 5: The High-Molecular-Weight Subunits of Glutenin

P.R. Shewry, N.G. Halford, and D. Lafiandra
Pages 143-169

Chapter 6: Low-Molecular-Weight Glutenin Subunits: Insights into this Abundant Subunit Group Present in Glutenin Polymers

A. Juhász and M.C. Gianibelli
Pages 171-212

Chapter 7: The Polymeric Glutenins

H. Wieser, W. Bushuk, and F. MacRitchie
Pages 213-240

Section IV — Practical Uses of Gluten-Composition Knowledge

Pages 241-242

Chapter 8: Prediction of Dough Properties for Bread Wheats

G.B. Cornish, F. Békés, H.A. Eagles, and P.I. Payne
Pages 243-280

Chapter 9: Chemistry, Genetics and Prediction of Dough Strength and End-Use Quality in Durum Wheat

M.D. Oak and J.E. Dexter
Pages 281-305

Chapter 10: Genotype Identification

S. Uthayakumaran, C.W. Wrigley, I.L. Batey, W. Bushuk, and G.L. Lookhart
Pages 307-331

Chapter 11: Diagnostic Markers for Quality

C.A. Howitt, K.R. Gale, and A. Juhász
Pages 333-361

Chapter 12: Genetic Manipulation of Gluten Structure and Function

P.R. Shewry, D. Lafiandra, L. Tamás, and F. Békés
Pages 363-385

Chapter 13: Medical Applications of Gluten-Composition Knowledge

R.P. Anderson and H. Wieser
Pages 387-409

Section V — A Wider View of Wheat Quality

Pages 411-412

Chapter 14: Proteins that Complement the Roles of Gliadin and Glutenin

B.L. Jones, C.F. Morris, F. Békés, and C.W. Wrigley
Pages 413-446

Chapter 15: Manipulation of the Gliadin-Glutenin Balance

C.W. Wrigley, F. Békés, Colin R. Cavanagh, and W. Bushuk
Pages 447-451

Appendix and Back Matter

C. W. Wrigley, F. Békés, C.R. Cavanagh, and W. Bushuk
Pages 453-466