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Breakfast Cereals and How They are Made, Second Edition

Editors: Robert B. Fast and Elwood F. Caldwell

ISBN: 978-1-891127-15-1

Front Matter

Pages i-vi


Pages ix-xii

Chapter 1: The Cereal Grains

Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, and Jon M. Faubion
Pages 1-15

Chapter 2: Manufacturing Technology of Ready-to-Eat Cereals

Robert B. Fast
Pages 17-54

Chapter 3: Unit Operations and Equipment — Blending and Cooking

Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, James Ievolella, Charles Lauhoff, Harry Levine, Robert C. Miller, Louise Slade, Bradley S. Strahm, and Paul J. Whalen
Pages 55-131

Chapter 4: Unit Operations and Equipment — Drying and Dryers

Britton D.F. Miller and Roy A. Gillespy
Pages 133-159

Chapter 5: Unit Operations and Equipment — Tempering, Flaking, and Toasting

Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, James Breslin, James Ievolella, Kevin Knott, Charles Lauhoff, Harry Levine, Leon Levine, Fred J. Shouldice, Jr., and Louise Slade
Pages 161-213

Chapter 6: Unit Operations and Equipment — Extrusion and Extruders

Robert C. Miller and Steven J. Mulvaney
Pages 215-277

Chapter 7: Application of Nutritional and Flavoring/Sweetening Coatings

Robert E. Burns, Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, and Wilf H. Jones
Pages 279-313

Chapter 8: Hot Cereals

Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, Kent Salisbury, Scott E. Seibert, and Ian Slimmon
Pages 315-342

Chapter 9: Packaging of Breakfast Cereals: Materials and Machinery

Frank E. Pringle, Edward J. Monahan, and Elwood F. Caldwell
Pages 343-373

Chapter 10: Fortification and Preservation of Cereals

Elwood F. Caldwell, Leonard E. Johnson, and Theodore P. Labuza
Pages 315-342

Chapter 11: Cereal Nutrition

Julie Miller Jones
Pages 411-442

Chapter 12: Quality in Breakfast Cereals

Dale F. Anderson, Elwood F. Caldwell, and Donald A. Corlett, Jr.
Pages 443-476

Chapter 13: Computer Control in the Breakfast Cereal Industry

Eric Schaefer
Pages 477-506

Chapter 14: Environmental Issues in Breakfast Cereal Manufacture

John Etzcorn
Pages 507-523

Back Matter

Pages 525-562