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Chapter 3: Unit Operations and Equipment — Blending and Cooking

Principal contributor(s) of the sections on weighing, blending, and flavoring and on sizing and lump breaking, Robert B. Fast; on starch structure and processing characteristics, James levolella, Harry Levine, and Louise Slade; on preconditioning, Bradley Strahm; on batch cooking, Charles Lauhoff; on continuous cooking, Robert C. Miller; and on measuring cook, Paul J. Whalen.

Elwood F. Caldwell, Robert B. Fast, James Ievolella, Charels Lauhoff, Harry Levine, Rober C. Miller, Louise Slade, Bradley S. Strahm, Paul J. Whalen

Breakfast Cereals and How They are Made, Second Edition
Pages 55-131
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/1891127152.003
ISBN: 1-891127-15-2


In this and the next three chapters, we review the major unit operations of most processes by which ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereals are produced. We also discuss examples of the types of equipment used in these processing steps. The first operations discussed in this chapter are weighing and blending. Then we turn to the broad subject of cooking, with sections on starch structure and gelatinization, on batch and continuous cooking, preconditioning, and on measuring the degree of cook. Then follow lump breaking and sizing operations, leading up to the drying discussed in Chapter 4.