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Connect to the meeting…it’s FREE!

Why use the app?  The app covers the same content plus more features than the program book, it is quick and easy to use and it is a green effort for the environment.

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Use the following links to access the AACC International Centennial Meeting App.

 Here are the best features:

  • Browse the Program Book, exhibitor list, posters, and general information
  • Customize your schedule and add appointments
  • Access session information, including full abstracts
  • Add exhibitors to your to-do list
  • Connect with other attendees: send messages and make appointments
  • Access poster presenters’ audio preview of their poster (Internet access required)
  • Using an iPad, connect with your iPad-specific version
  • Schedule Posters by Appointment by connecting with poster authors to make appointments to meet and discuss poster content (in addition to the poster author time).