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Scientific Program Overview

With a Focus to the Future – Top Science from Top ScientistsMeeting Registration

This is YOUR meeting and YOUR science and we continue to find new ways to share with you the excellent scientific content that will be presented at this centennial meeting.

In addition to the traditional…

  • Symposia – aimed at optimal knowledge transfer through regular 20-minute talks with time for topical questions.
  • Science Cafés – a combination of shorter or more elaborate position talks with debate and discussion.
  • Technical Sessions – featured 20-minute talks covering new scientific insights and technological advancements in the field.
  • Hot Topics – hot off the news…these sessions provide the latest information and updates on new and developing topics in the industry.

And we are continuing…

  • Conversations Matter – presentations/conversations with the goal of providing more engagement/conversation in the topic/discussion area between the presenter and the audience to allow for a more meaningful exchange of content and conversation.
  • Special Sessions – unique topics that vary from professional development to the workplace to the science.

And we are adding NEW…

  • Deep Dives – your opportunity to dive deep into trending topic areas with selected experts.
  • Science on the Move – taking the scientific session outside the traditional meeting room.

AACC International’s Annual Meeting Focus - Scientific Initiatives

These initiatives guide the program and provide members with relevant information, strong scientific content, and significant opportunities for disseminating research findings.

  • Biotechnology & Sustainability
    conventional breeding • genetic modification • interaction effects of environment on gene expression • global climate change • reducing energy consumption • social/political/financial impacts
  • Chemistry & Interactions
    fundamental whole cereal, starch, and protein chemistry • related polymer science approaches • chemical interactions of component parts
  • Engineering & Processing
    physical processing of grains, pulses, and food products • fuels, industrial chemicals, and other in-process materials • more efficient engineering processes and equipment
  • Food Safety & Regulatory
    microbes • contaminants • hazards • regulatory issues • legal challenges
  • Health & Nutrition
    health and nutrition of cereals and pulses • social impact of health and nutrition initiatives • medical reports
  • Ingredients & Innovations
    raw materials • new discoveries of novel ingredients • applications of ingredients • reduce ingredient costs
  • Quality & Analytical Methods
    analytical methods development and changes • measuring quality of grain, ingredients, or finished foods • rheology
  • Emerging Topics

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Opening, Plenary and Closing General Sessions

Special Session

Scientific Sessions


Science on the Move


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