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About AACC International

AACCI is a professional association for scientists who contribute to research, development, and processing of grains and grain-based products. The association has been an innovative leader in gathering and disseminating scientific and technical information to professionals in the cereal grain industry worldwide for 100 years.

About the Annual Meeting

The AACCI Annual Meeting brings together hundreds of individuals from industry, academia and government dedicated to sharing science, networking and discussing global solutions. The 2014 Annual Meeting brought together nearly 1,000 attendees from 39 countries and more than 100 exhibitors. Pictorial highlights of the 2014 Annual Meeting were featured in Cereal Foods World.

The Centennial Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota

With an eye to the future, the Centennial Meeting will be focused on the next 100 years of cereal grain science innovation.

Celebrating History and Achievement

Don't miss the amazing celebration of accomplishments completed by the Centennial Committee: A timeline of breakthroughs in science, AACCI history, food trends, scientific articles and more.

Centennial Year Leadership

Gerry Downey
AACCI President
Devin Rose
Centennial Meeting
Program Committee Chair
Bill Atwell
Centennial Committee Chair