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Chapter 8: Mill Design

Wheat Flour Milling, Second Edition
Pages 269-290
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/1891127403.008
ISBN: 1-891127-40-3


Many factors are involved in designing a mill, and they are affected by location, demand, accessibility, and the owner's objectives. As with any engineering project, construction of a modern plant involves many disciplines, from landscaping and architecture to milling technology and customer needs. A flour mill construction project can be executed with a “turnkey” approach, in which an engineering company is responsible for delivering a complete mill according to the specifications and price agreed upon with the customer. Alternatively, some flour-milling companies, (e.g., multi-unit flour milling companies with an engineering office or experienced flour millers) could execute the project as the main or general contactor and have all other activities performed by subcontractors. However, in recent years, with mills reducing staff and engineering services, most of the major construction projects are “turn key.”

This chapter addresses only some of the many aspects of mill design and construction. The execution of a successful project is the result of many other aspects that should be studied, evaluated, and implemented. To a large extent, many of the issues discussed here also relate to mill modernization or the expansion of existing milling units.

Modern mill design and construction, or any modernization project, should be assigned to a group of people with the appropriate skills. This team should include a miller, a sanitation expert, and a maintenance expert, who should discuss and evaluate the design at the planning stages as well as during the construction of the mill. Any time spent on discussion, exchange of ideas, and even small changes during the project will pay back greatly in the future. This chapter touches on some of the issues that should be considered by the miller involved in such projects. Exposure to publications along with visits to different construction sites and new projects add to this team member's professional knowledge and benefit the project.