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Completely Customizable Sponsorships

Partnering with AACCI through a sponsorship can raise awareness for your corporate brand, products and services. With a completely customizable sponsorship package, you can sponsor an event, a meeting lunch, a networking activity, and much more. Let's discuss ways to keep your company in front of the AACCI audience all year long.

Sponsor Our Students—the Faces of the Future!

AACC International is focused on providing the best opportunities for our emerging cereal scientists. In this Centennial year, AACCI is expecting increased student participation at our Annual Meeting, and we are seeking your organization’s support to help ensure a highly valuable and inspiring experience for these up-and-coming faces of the future. Below is a list of student experiences available for the 2015 AACCI Centennial Meeting, the perfect venue for your support and encouragement, we invite your organization’s sponsorship.

Download and submit the sponsorship form today.

AACCI Student Travel Awards

  • This AACCI program supports and promotes student participation in AACCI by awarding student members who are giving an oral or poster presentation at the annual meeting with travel support to ensure their participation.

Best Student Research Paper Competition (organized by the AACCI Professional Development Panel)

  • This unique competition challenges students to demonstrate superior presentation skills and present top research. It also offers students the opportunity to interact with professionals in the AACCI community at an early stage in their career.

Student Product Development Competition (coordinated by the AACCI Student Association)

  • One of the best opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in school to create new food products professionally and intelligently in the real business world. This competition is designed to encourage innovative thinking in the cereal science area, expose students to a real-world situation, and promote the connection between academic research and industrial production.