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Cereal Foods World, Vol. 64, No. 4
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/CFW-64-4-0042
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High-Pressure Hydration System for Dough Mixing Applications
Bernhard Noll
Rapidojet GmbH, Michelbach / Bilz, Germany

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Starter materials for food processing are often produced by combining water or other liquids with basic dry ingredients. Effective hydration of dry materials is promoted by a large, highly accessible surface area at the time of moistening and large differences in speeds between dry and wet materials during moistening. The Rapidojet high-pressure hydration and mixing system offers a revolutionary solution. Dry material is conveyed continuously into a vertical mixing tube by a dosing unit and sprayed with liquid at high pressure. Large surface areas are achieved for the dry materials through isolation during freefall and for liquids by enlargement of the liquid surface area through breaking of the liquid into small droplets. The moistened material leaves the mixing chamber in the form of minute particles, and the fully hydrated particles become a uniform mass when they land in the hopper of a pump or other vessel. The high-pressure hydration and mixing system and its potential baking, food, and flour milling applications are described.

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