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Cereal Foods World, Vol. 65, No. 4
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/CFW-65-4-0040
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​​​The Flavor of Plant-Based Meat Analogues
Xuejie Li1 and Jian Li1,2,3

1 Beijing Engineering and Technology Research Center of Food Additives, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing 100048, China.

2 Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Food Nutrition and Human Health, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing 100048, China.

3 Corresponding author. Business address: No. 33 Fucheng Road, Beijing, China. Fax: +86-10-68984032; E-mail: lijian@btbu.edu.cn

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Plant-based meat analogues are important protein sources due to their high nutritional value and low resource consumption. The flavor of meat analogues is a key factor in consumer acceptance. The process of imparting meat-like flavor in plant-based meat analogues is very complex, requiring analysis and identification of the flavor compounds produced by the Maillard reaction, lipid oxidation, and thiamine degradation of animal meat products. Some vegetarian ingredients, such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extracts, natural spices, and certain vegetable oils, have been applied in meat analogues to simulate meat-like flavors.

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