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04 Technical Reports
Cereal Foods World, Vol. 65, No. 2
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/CFW-65-2-0020
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​​Guideline for Pulse Approved Methods
Prepared by the Cereals & Grains Association Pulse and Legume Technical Committee

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The global market for plant-based ingredients (flours and protein, starch, and fiber fractions), including those made from pulses, is experiencing continuous growth. This has led to a growing interest by the food industry in utilizing pulses and pulse ingredients in the development of new products. However, successful inclusion of pulses or their ingredients in food formulations depends on their quality attributes. It is important to measure these quality attributes using standardized and approved methods. Otherwise, results will be inconsistent, making it difficult to compare results from different laboratories. Therefore, there is a need to provide a guideline for approved and standard methods for measuring the quality attributes of pulses. The guideline will aid ingredient suppliers in developing ingredient specifications and will assist food manufacturers in formulating products with the desired quality attributes and to meet regulatory and labeling requirements. The AACC methods guideline from the Cereals & Grains Association Pulse and Legume Technical Committee will also allow pulse organizations to facilitate dispute resolution between exporters and customers and aid in the development of consistent marketing information on pulses.

Editor’s Note: The Guideline for Pulse Approved Methods is now AACC Approved Method 57-10.02​.​

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