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Chapter 4: Minor Constituents

Principles of Cereal Science and Technology, Third Edition
Pages 71-85
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/9781891127632.004
ISBN: 978-1-891127-63-2


Starch and the (storage) protein are quantitatively the most important (and hence the major) constituents of cereals. In addition to these major constituents, cereals also contain a whole array of minor constituents. Some of these, such as phytic acid, vitamins, and the nonstarch polysaccharides, are important from a nutritional point of view. In addition, constituents such as nonstarch polysaccharides and lipids have a great impact on the functional properties of cereal-based products. We here focus on some of the minor cereal constituents as well as on the enzyme systems that have particular impacts on nonstarch polysaccharides, phytic acid, and lipids. The starch-degrading enzymes, α- and β-amylase, which are also important biocatalysts, were described in Chapter 2.