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2013 Annual Meeting Section Update

Cereals&Europe Section

The 12th European Young Cereal Scientist and Technologist Workshop (EYCSTW) was held April 10-12, in Nottingham. Awards presented at the meeting included:

  • Gold EYCSTW award 2013: Magdalena Rückert, Technische Universität München
  • Silver EYCSTW award 2013: Attila Bagdi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The 4th Cereals&Europe Spring meeting was May 29-31 in Leuven. Awards presented at the meeting included:

  • C&E Spring Meeting 2013 Best Student Oral Presentation: Katharina Konitzer, Technische Universität München
  • C&E Spring Meeting 2013 Best Student Poster Presentation Award: Feliz Köksel, University of Manitoba

Cincinnati Section

The Cincinnati Section will award cash awards for the top three poster presentation on eastern soft wheat at the 2013 AACCI Annual Meeting. The amounts will be $500, $250, and $100. The section also provided three speakers at the Milling & Baking Spring Technical Conference on the topic of “Soft Wheat the Forgotten Grain”.

Check Sample Awards for flour and cookie were handed out for 2013.

Japan Section

The Japan Section held 3 seminars this past year, each with two invited speakers in each seminar. Their annual meeting was held April 20, 2012. The section officers hold their meetings three times a year prior to each seminar.

Manhattan Section

The Manhattan Section was a co-sponsor for the GRSC-AACCI series and held a Christmas party last year.

Northwest Section

The Northwest Section had a very active year holding numerous events, many including guest lecturers. The 2013 NW Geddes Award Lectureship was presented to Gary Hou, Ph.D., Technical Director and Asian Foods Specialist, Wheat Marketing Center, Inc.

Northern California Section

This past year the Northern California Section awarded two students for their outstanding food science related exhibits at the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair on March 21, 2013. Each winner received an award certificate and a $50 check, along with a nutrition/food science book (donated by AACCI) was given to the student’s library in honor of each winner. On September 6, 2013, the section members and friends held a social event in Oakland Hills.