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Japan Section


The Japan Section was founded in 1974 as the first overseas section outside of North America. The section is an active and friendly society. Its' membership has steadily increased since the formation, with 77 individuals and in addition, 14 corporations currently support the activity of the section.

Three or four meetings are held mostly in the Tokyo area every year. Thirty or forty members who attend a regular meeting can always get valuable information on cereal science and technology through the two hour lectures presented by one or two selected domestic or overseas speakers. An enjoyable beer party after hearing the lecture is a good opportunity to exchange informal conversations among participants.

The Japan Section is proud of being a pioneer of Cereals & Grains Association activities, and will continue to offer its members attractive opportunities as many times as possible. If you are interested in participating or presenting a paper at one of the Japans Section's future meetings, please contact the Secretary of the Section. It may be possible to arrange a special meeting for you! The Japan Section welcomes overseas visitors as well as new domestic comers!