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Cereal Foods World, Vol. 65, No. 6
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/CFW-65-6-0060
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​​​The Role of Grains in Sustainable Diets​​​
​Kevin B. Miller,1 PhD​
​1Guest Editor. Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, General Mills, 9000 Plymouth Ave N, Golden Valley, MN 55427, U.S.A.​​

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There is a need to develop a more resilient food supply that is both nutritious and sustainable. From an agricultural perspective, there is increasing concern about depletion of the resources required to grow crops and raise animals humanely. At the same time, the food industry must ensure it has resilient supply chains that are economically viable. Additionally, strategies must be devised to encourage consumers, who are increasingly aware and interested in the origins of their food, how it is produced, and how individual food choices may impact the planet and future generations, to follow more sustainable dietary patterns. The objective of this issue of Cereal Foods World on Sustainable Diets is to share insights that will enable the grains industry to prepare for the shifting food landscape and become part of the solution by simultaneously prioritizing nutrition and sustainability and by making grains even more relevant to consumers.

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