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Cereal Foods World, Vol. 65, No. 6
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1094/CFW-65-6-0064
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​​Biotechnology-Inspired Solutions to Further Increase Sustainability and Healthiness in the Bakery Market
Joke A. Putseys1

1 DSM Food Specialties/DSM Biotechnology Center, Alexander Fleminglaan 1, 2613 AX Delft, The Netherlands. Tel: +31152793841; LinkedIn: https://be.linkedin.com/in/joke-putseys-30639327; E-mail: joke.putseys@dsm.com

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​Biotechnology makes use of living organisms for the production of sustainable, biobased food, feed, fuel, and materials. Biocatalyst enzymes, used to improve the process or product quality of food, are a key example of how industrial biotechnology can be used to help address climate change and resource scarcity. In the bakery market and along the baking value chain, various biotechnology-inspired solutions have already been implemented to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing food waste and loss, lowering energy consumption, and creating clean(er)-label products. Some challenges still remain, especially in realizing sustainable solutions for growing market trends, like healthier or organic baked products.

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